PAC Agenda/Minutes, 2024-05-09


  • Chair - Julian Yoo

  • Co-Chair - Gina Butler

  • Treasurer - Chris Adamus

  • Secretary - Kayleigh Martin

  • Member at Large - Katherine Beckett

  • Member at Large - Maxine Toth


Marla Margatts - Principal

Marc Black




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  • Time: 6:30pm

  • Attendance & Welcome: Done

  • Approve previous Minutes: Done

Principal’s Report

Marla begins presenting the principal’s report:

  • Jump Rope for Heart

    • The Jump Rope for Heart event raised over $900, and we are very appreciative of everyone's support.

  • Book Sale

    • The book sale brought in over $4000 in sales, which was a significant turnout. This enabled us to purchase many new books for the library.

  • Cultural Kaleidoscope Event

    • Marla commended everyone for the successful Cultural Kaleidoscope event.

  • Second Visit from Coast Salish Artist

    • A second visit from a Coast Salish artist is scheduled for this Monday.

  • Rainbow Week

    • Rainbow Week starts on Monday, celebrating diversity.

  • Track Meet

    • Grades 3-5 will compete in the track meet at the end of May.

  • Pro-D Day

    • There will be a Pro-D Day on May 17th.

  • Indigenous Learning

    • Marla spoke about Indigenous Learning and its importance.

  • Beach Day

    • Beach Day is planned for June 5th for all classes.

  • Parent/Guardian Appreciation

    • Parent/Guardian Appreciation is coming up, where they can get a muffin and coffee to celebrate the community.

  • Fun Day

    • Thanks to the PAC, we have our Fun Day coming up.

  • Camp Thunderbird

    • Camp Thunderbird is fully paid for, ensuring that all students can participate.

  • Final Assembly

    • The final assembly will be on the last day of school, with a special Grade 5 assembly the day before.

  • Welcome to Kindergarten Event

    • The Welcome to Kindergarten event will be held on June 3rd.

Treasurer Report

Chris begins presenting the treasurer’s report:

  • Purdy's Fundraiser

    • The Purdy's fundraiser raised a significant amount of money this year.

  • Financial Forecast

    • The financial forecast looks healthy going into next year.

  • Gaming Grant

    • The gaming grant has been submitted.

  • Donated Goods

    • Chris emphasized the importance of getting donated goods from shops like Superior Pizza and Thrifty's, which help support our initiatives.

Annual General Meeting

PAC Overview and Year in Review

Julian reviewed the 2023-2024 school year, highlighting major activities and successes.

  • Corn Roast

    • The year started off with the corn roast event. This event was about community building and fostering current and new relationships with one another.

  • Spirit Wear Fundraising

    • Spirit wear was the first fundraising event of the year, with new colours and styles added.

    • Julian mentioned that there might be a need to find another vendor to reduce pricing due to complaints about high prices.

  • Purdy's Fundraiser

    • Purdy's has been very successful in raising money this year, with both the Christmas and Easter fundraiser being a success.

  • Drum Making Activity

    • The Indigenous drum making activity was made possible through fundraising efforts.

  • Cultural Kaleidoscope Fundraising

    • Cultural Kaleidoscope raised significant money in fundraising, while also being an excellent event for community building.

  • Food Sales at the Garage Sale Event

    • Garage Sale food sales helped significantly with fundraising efforts.

  • Community Picnic

    • Julian announced that a community picnic is coming up, which is another opportunity to socialize and broadcast the PAC.

Executive Roles Overview

Julian explains to the members the open roles and how each one contributes to the PAC. A minimum of 4 PAC executives are required, which is the Chair, the Co-Chair, the Treasurer, and the Secretary. Member at Large is optional. Here are the roles and how they contribute to the PAC:

  • Chair - Runs the meetings, leads discourse, and participates in events. Ensures the PAC runs smoothly.

  • Co-Chair - Steps in for the Chair in their absence.

  • Treasurer - In charge of all of the financial work. They ensure the proper people get paid when expenses are paid out. Carefully documents money being received and spent.

  • Secretary - Notates each meeting and posts them to our website. Updates items on the website to stay current.

  • Member at Large - This role can be used to step in for the other executive roles in their absence. They can also contribute to the executive side of things without have specific job duties to do every month. They are optional and multiple roles can be filled for this position.

Nominations and Vote

All members vote on the new executives for the 2024-2025 school year. The new executives are as follows:

Marc Black is the new Chair

Sandy Simas is the Co-Chair

Julian Yoo is Treasurer

Kayleigh Martin remains Secretary until next meeting as a new secretary was not found to replace Kayleigh.

Meeting Adjourned

  • 7:30